Jun 27, 2014: Arun Sathanur presents at the ACM WebSci conference

Arun Sathanur presented our recent work on Transfer Entropy and its modifications as a measure of directed causal influence in online social networks and as a means to recover the delay distributions. The paper is available here.


Jun 10, 2014: New Course on Scientific Computing for EEs

Prof. Jandhyala and Dr. Sathanur will present a new senior-graduate course on scientific computing in September 2014 focussing on Python, C, computational linear algebra, and scalable algorithms and implementations with engineering applications.

Jun 10, 2014: Upcoming Conference Presentations on PhySense

We will present two papers on PhySense at upcoming conferences at ACM WebSci (Bloomington, Indiana, June 26 2014), and at IEEE SMC (San Diego, October 2014).

Jan 16, 2014: Professional Masters Course UWEE

Dr. Arun Sathanur is teaching EE 571PMP, Electromagnetics for High-Speed Circuits in Winter 2014.

Oct 30, 2013: NIAC Day at UW

The UW-PNNL Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing had an all day workshop at UW with about 100 UW and PNNL attendees. Vikram co-led the workshop and co-organized the presentations as well as participated in the Big Data breakout session. Arun co-organized a breakout session on Graph Analytics.

Oct 23, 2013: Presentation at PNNL Richland

Vikram presented an invited seminar at PNNL as part of the Signature Discovery Seminar Series entitled PhySense: Green’s Functions and Signal Propagation for Influence Prediction

Oct 16, 2013: Invited presentation at CLSAC 2013

Vikram presented an invited talk at the 2013 Chesapeake Large-Scale Analytics Conference entitled¬†PhySense: Green’s Functions on Graphs and the Modeling of Influence.

Sep 30, 2013: EE595 PMP

Vikram is teaching EE595 PMP course this fall. This course focuses on Social and Economic Networks.

Jun 05, 2013: Design Automation Conference, Austin, TX

Arun presents a PHYSENSE poster at the Design Automation Conference, Austin, TX.

Jun 03, 2013: IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference

Vikram presents at the workshop session on social computing at the IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics conference in Seattle, WA.

Jun 03, 2013: Signature Discovery

Arun presents at the workshop session on signature discovery at the IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics conference in Seattle, WA.

May 09, 2013: Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL)

Vikram presents PHYSENSE at the Signature Discovery Workshop at the Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL), Richland WA.